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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surat Untuk YB Teo Nie Cheng ADUN Serdang aka YB Surau


1st...i want to congratulate you to make this move towards my beloved muslim community

actually Islam do not prohibiting any non muslim to join in any ceremony wether its social community or religious ceremony
Masjid is the place for all
even in a war, every single human being can come and seek protection in the masjid

They said that ur wearings are not suitable???
kahkahkah...its very funny
YB..pls look around...there is plenty of Puteri UMNo members wears short skirt..yet they dont mind...

there is one time our "beloved" PM's wife doing the khatam quran in the masjid by only wearing a tiny scarf and let her jambul hanging outside..yet they dont mind

also there is one time a young and sexy Puteri UMNo members doing khatam Quran wearing a transparent dress...we can see her bra also...yet they dont mind

wether Utusan/UMNO and also RajaGopal attacking you...you should continue ur good deeds and effort to improves your relation with ur voters

you see...actually they are sicked muslims...they are the munafiq...they dont care about Islam or masjid..they only affraid that u can overcome the myths that Masjid is only for muslim..even they said that Allah is only for muslim.yet the real truth is all of us...muslim or not,human and animal,stones and woods,planets and galaxy is in Allah's hand

hat off to you sister...

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